My early paintings from 1980's through the 1990's portray the “difficult to articulate” process of human transformation. These paintings present the idea that facing life's sorrow and loss is one doorway we must all go through in order to grow and our connection to the earth is a way to find that door. My current work (2003 to 2018) has expanded to include a concern for the future of our earth and future generations. The paintings are populated by myself, family members or friends who are the actors and actresses bathed in an ethereal light, portraying hope for an awakened humanity and the importance of healing the human soul through our connection to the land around us. As the human heart awakens, perhaps we can heal and love the natural world as well. My work depicts a movement toward enlightenment(Moving Toward Light 1988), a search for spiritual truth (Circle of Compassion 2017) and the knowledge that we are “all one”(Elephant Prayer 2018). The new paintings I am working on in the studio are expanding still, growing as I grow, and explore a merging of ideas and worlds beyond the veil of the illusions in which we exist. Experiences in nature, love of wilderness and the beauty of the American West continue to be a guiding force in my life and in my art. 
Diane Marsh 2018

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