The evolution of my paintings over 40 years centers on issues which are both deeply personal and profoundly human.  My process and content work together to probe the wounded landscape of the human soul.  My figures are compelling, confrontational and uncompromising while they depict the hidden sorrows and pain of the human condition as it struggles towards transcendence.  Landscapes, children, animals, and prayer explore the possibility that nature, and more recently a spiritual connection, act as a redemptive force and backdrop to the human condition.

Living in New York City in the early to mid 1980's,  I was a young artist at a very pivotal time in the art world.  Painting grew and could now be conceptual, photographic, figurative or expressive.  Subjects could be mythical, political, personal or social.  Expressionistic painting was at the forefront of the American Neo-expressionist scene.  Immersed in this time period as a young artist, my work was pushed by these ideas.  It opened a door to expressionist figurative painting which evolved through my own work into a form of heightened, meticulous, realism driven now by concerns beyond the self.

My paintings from the late 1980's through the 1990's portray the process of human transformation,  and the idea that facing life's sorrow and loss is one doorway we must all go through in order to grow.   Recent paintings  have the additional elements of a concern for the earth and future generations.   I wish to communicate the simple idea that we are "all one" and portray hope for an awakened humanity.

Diane Marsh 2016

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