My paintings are intended to set up the potential for an aesthetic experience, which is basically an exchange of energy between a person who makes something and the person who comes into contact with it and has a meaningful experience as a result. But rather than use pure abstraction as a subject, I choose the figurative language which allows me to evidence issues that are important to me and becomes more than just an armature to hang my skills and materials on. 
My early paintings from 1980's through the 1990's portray the “difficult to articulate” process of human transformation. These paintings present the idea that facing life's sorrow and loss is a doorway we must all go through in order to grow. My current work has expanded to include the importance of the awareness of our our connection to the earth and my concerns for its future and for future generations.  The figures in my paintings are all “larger than life" and only several paintings are completed each year. Its not uncommon for the paintings to undergo a process of transition from start to finish over a period of several years. As a painter, the marriage of color, light, image and content is all important. The paintings are populated by myself, family members, or friends, who are the actors portraying hope for an awakened humanity and the importance of healing the human soul through our connection to the land around us. As the human heart awakens, perhaps we can heal and love each other and the natural world as well. 
My early work depicts a movement toward enlightenment in "Moving Toward Light"(1988), a search for truth and a concern for future generations in "Circle of Compassion", (2017) & Child's Prayer (2006) and the knowledge that we are “all one” as evidenced in my larger than life drawings, “My Son/My Son” (2019) & "Living In Their Wounds" (2019) . The new paintings and drawings I am working on in the studio are expanding still, growing as I grow, and explore a merging of ideas and worlds beyond the veil of the illusions in which we exist. As a contemporary mystic, experiences in nature, love of wilderness and the beauty of the American West continue to be a guiding force in my life and in my art.

Diane Marsh 2019